Marshlands – Room & Office Rental

Function Room Hire

The function room at Marshlands is available for hire to individuals, businesses, charities and community groups. Currently, it hosts all manner of events, from birthday celebrations to charity bingo, talks from local interest groups to cookery and exercise classes. Charities and community groups enjoy preferential rates, as detailed below:

Commercial Rates

9.00am to 5.00pm£12 per hour
After 5.00pm£15 per hour
Wi-FiFree of Charge
Kitchen£10 per session

Charity and Community Rates

9.00am to 5.00pm£7 per hour
After 5.00pm£10 per hour
Wi-FiFree of Charge
Kitchen£10 per session

To book the function room, please complete the booking form which also includes details of terms and conditions of booking.

Any questions regarding the booking of the function room should be directed to the office:

Telephone: (01297) 21388


Room Rental

Seaton Town Council has a number of rooms which, from time to time, are available for rent to community groups and organisations.

Marshlands Art Boards

On the wall outside the Marshlands building are a collection of artworks produced by West Country artists. The Council intends this to be the start of a town-wide art trail.
Art is such a personal thing, and all those who passed by and commented had a different favourite. Which is your favourite?