Seaton Town Council

Marshlands Centre
Harbour Road
EX12 2LT

Telephone: 01297 21388


The Town Council, which has 12 councillors, is the grass roots level of local government and acts as a consultee and lobbying force with both the County and District Councils, putting forward the wishes and needs of the local community. All councillors are unpaid volunteers are are required to complete a declaration of interests detailing any interests that may affect their role as a councillor. Legislation sets out the provides the power under which the Town Council may act and on what it may spend money. County and District Councils raise revenue in a number of different ways including council tax, business rates, fees and charges and funds from central government. However, Town and Parish Councils receive no money from central government and receive no contribution from the business rates paid in their town or parish. More information about Seaton Town Council can be found below: