Each year, the Council sets a budget for the following year which is usually approved at a meeting of all Councillors in January. After expenditure is agreed, and projected income deducted, this leaves a balance. This is the amount the Council requires to provide its services and is called a precept. The precept is the part of the council tax bill that comes to Seaton Town Council and for 2020/21 this is at £337,982.00– for 2020/21. The amount paid is determined by the size of property an each property falls within one of eight bands; for example, the precept for Band D properties in 2020/21 is £104.61. Council tax is collected by East Devon District Council, who then distribute it to Devon & Cornwall Police, Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue, Devon County Council, East Devon District Council and Seaton Town Council.

Seaton Town Council (“the Council”) is open and transparent in all its financial activities and has a robust system of internal controls to ensure effective financial management. This system is set out in the Council’s Financial Regulations which are reviewed each year and the Council’s financial and governance arrangements are reviewed regularly by both internal and external auditors who ensure that the Council is carrying out its duties diligently and that appropriate accounting records are being kept. The Annual Governance & Accountability Return (AGAR) for 2019/20 will be published here following approval at the Council’s meeting in July 2020. The AGAR and associated documents have been submitted to the external auditors, PKF Littlejohn, for the Council’s annual audit. Their response is expected by September and will be published here.

To aid transparency and enable residents to see how the Council spends its money, details of all payments of £500 and over are listed below:

Payments of £500 and over

2020/21 – Q1 Payments